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Thank you for visiting our page.

Thank you for visiting our page.
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International Study Groups - Come join us!

Meet with passionate early childhood practitioners and
leave with ideas that would transform your practice!

About the Study Groups
Study groups are available in AustraliaNew ZealandUSASweden and Germany.  You can sign up for any number of places subject to availability of places.  The study groups are available on a daily basis up to 3 days. We keep the study group size small and will only accept up to 20 registrations each day. Early registration is advised in order to secure a seat in the study group.

The focus of study for each study group is on the emergent curriculum and Reggio-inspired practice.  The educators will visit a different Reggio-inspired early-years centre, meet with with educators at the host centre, engage in dialogue with fellow educators and participate in a group sharing & discussion session facilitated by the study group leader on each day of the study group programme.

Group Leader
The Learning Caravan Pte Ltd will assign a study group leader to take charge of the learning activities and school visits. The study group leader will meet with you and fellow participants at a city area venue for group travel arrangements to the schools.

This study group will give you the opportunity to see theories being implemented, gain deeper understanding of the emergent curriculum, engage in valuable discussions with global early childhood colleagues and generate fresh ideas that will transform your teaching practice.

You will learn about the country's early-years framework, visit outstanding early-years centres and engage in exchange of experience, reflections & conversations with members of the schools and fellow participants.

By the end of the study programme, you should be able to gain knowledge on ways to collaborate with your students, parents & community to support child-directed learning and leave with better understanding of how you could offer rich, authentic childhood experiences that deepen a child's natural sense of wonder & imagination.

Programme Objectives
To inspire & motivate educators to offer rich, authentic childhood experiences that deepen a child’s natural sense of wonder & imagination and collaborate with their students, parents and community to support child-directed learning.
Topics that we would be discussing include:
  • Emergent Curriculum in Early Childhood Settings
  • Image of the Child
  • Disposition of the Teacher
  • The Environment as the Third Teacher
  • Listening to Children's Voices
  • Making Sense of Intentional Teaching
  • Observation Strategies
  • Documentation Tools

Target Groups
1. Early Childhood Educators 
2. Centre Leaders 
3. Curriculum Planners
4. Trainers and Facilitators 
5. Early Childhood Researchers

Study Package
a. visits to outstanding early-years centres
b. professional sharing by early childhood community
c. rich dialogue with early childhood colleagues
d. interactive presentations

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Sample Daily Schedule
Day 1 - presentation / lunch break / school visit / dialogue
Day 2 - school visit / dialogue / lunch break / presentation
Day 3 - school visit / dialogue / lunch break / presentation

"What I did like about The Learning Caravan? 
I met with other teachers who worked in Reggio-inspired ways, learnt from what they had accomplished and had the opportunity to reflect with them about the work with children.   We were all inspired and got lots of ideas to new projects to do with the kids.  For instance, last week we built an outdoor kitchen in the kindergarten.  I had also seen that some of the staff reflecting more about how they can work more Reggio principles into their daily work. We learnt how important it is that adults working with the children think about the children's interests.  So I think that our trip to Stockholm and meeting all of you paid off well." - Karen Elise Fjelde

"Alyna, through The Learning Caravan, has made continual efforts to create new workshops and opportunities for early childhood practitioners to improve ourselves and expand our horizons." - Emily Yeo

"The Learning Caravan is a wonderful platform for Early Childhood educators to rediscover themselves and do better for the children they work with!" - Cheryl Ng-Ang

"The Learning Caravan promotes/ inspires passion in intentional teaching!" - Eve Lee Morreale

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