The Tinker Yard is getting a new webpage.

The Tinker Yard is getting a new webpage.
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Messy, Creative and Sensory Play at The Tinker Yard


Come to The Tinker Yard for authentic play experiences that provide children with opportunities to learn in a way that is enjoyable and meaningful to them.

Masak Masak @ The Tinker Yard is a drop-off play programme that embraces young children's innate sense of wonder and their natural drive to understand the world around them.

Play at The Tinker Yard is natural, child-led and respectful of the needs of children.

Our team works hard to design playspaces that provides children access to a diverse range of materials that they are free to explore, experiment, create, innovate and invent with.

Our playspace is intentionally designed and prepared to offer children beautiful, open-ended materials and experiences full of possibility in an environment that serves as the 3rd teacher - one that nurtures exploration, discovery and creativity. 

We are not able to accept walk-ins. Pre-booking of spots is ESSENTIAL as we keep to small number per session. There will be two facilitators for maximum eight children per session.

Please use our online registration form to pre-book a slot at least one week in advance. Advance payment is required to confirm your booking.

18 months old to 6 years old

Play Sessions
Monday to Friday
10am to 12pm or 3pm to 5pm

$35 per session (Studio Pass Holders)
$40 per session (Regular)

Get our studio pass to enjoy lower rates
for Masak Masak @ The Tinker Yard play sessions.

Contact us today to get the studio pass.

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Thank you for visiting our page.
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