The Learning Caravan aims to inspire, empower &  connect early childhood educators and parents as co-partners in the early years.  We are an organization with big hearts for early childhood educators, children & families.  We plan and organize meaningful events to engage all stakeholders to work in partnership for the benefit of children.

Our philosophy is largely inspired by the principles of the Reggio Emilia approach. The Learning Caravan Pte Ltd made it's mark as a strong and active advocate for authentic play and a pioneer in introducing loose parts play to early childhood practitioners in Singapore.


Our biggest goal is to make child-led play accessible to all children in Singapore. We believe that child-led play should be for all children and aim to organize free public play events for children, families & educators. Proceeds from our paid events will go towards funding of our advocacy projects & events such as Pop-Up Tinker Yard and Parent Talks, free events that take place several times each year.

From as early as October 2010, our team was actively involved in organisation & provision of continuing professional development events for early childhood educators. Our mission is to inspire, empower and connect early childhood educators as reflective practitioners and advocates for authentic play in the early years.  We believe that we have inspired early childhood educators through our events such dialogue sessions, workshops and international study tours. In 2016, we opened our play studio, The Tinker Yard. 

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