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Thank you for visiting our page.

Thank you for visiting our page.
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We are not an enrichment centre. We provide alternative education for children. Click here to read about the programmes and schedules.

The studio serves as a site of learning. It is richly resourced with a diverse range of open-ended materials.  We aim to give children a space where they can discover, embrace & build upon their natural strengths to construct knowledge through authentic play experiences.  

This is where children feel safe, cultivate strong, secure and trusting relationships, develop life skills and know that their thoughts & ideas are important and valuable.

"The goal of education is
not to increase the amount of knowledge
but to create the possibilities
for a child to invent and discover,
to create men who are
capable of doing new things."
Jean Piaget

We are life-long learners and view ourselves as partners with children & families in nurturing children's holistic development. Our practice is research-based. The team regularly engages in continuing professional development. We meet with fellow play leaders as well as local early childhood practitioners and international early childhood colleagues through learning exchanges, dialogues and professional training opportunities. With informed knowledge on early childhood education and self & group reflections to guide us, we regularly review and improve our practice.

“Children learn as they play.
Most importantly, in play
children learn how to learn.”
O. Fred Donaldson

We advocate for child-led play. We celebrate play and embrace curiosity. Play comes naturally to children and it is how they learn best. We believe that children learn when they are having fun.  Visitors to the studio will find children engaging in different activities. At times, play at the studio might get messy which is perfectly fine with us as that is the exact reflection of real play! 

We hold a strong view that children are capable & competent learners. Children take the lead here. Curriculum is unscripted and framed around big ideas that children have.  Play leaders carefully observe children at play and use those observations to facilitate & support learning. 

“Play is often talked about
as if it were a relief
from serious learning.
But for children
play is serious learning.
Play is really the work of childhood.”
Fred Rogers

Learning is never static at our studio. Children have access to a diverse range of open-ended materials. Research has shown that children learn best through play. At The Tinker Yard, we invite children to wonder, question, predict, investigate & experiment. They are encouraged to be thinkers, problem-solvers, creators, innovators and inventors. 

Our team works hard to regularly update our learning space at The Tinker Yard to accommodate new ideas that children have.  The environment is intentionally designed and ready to offer children beautiful, open-ended materials and experiences full of possibility. 


Children play & learn in a calm yet inspiring mixed-age play space that allows them to be free to express their thoughts & exercise their imagination and encourages them to  learn to listen to different ideas in a respectful & mindful way, embrace diversity and be self-motivated to seek solutions to challenges and collaborate with others. Children learn to work together to achieve common goals as a team.

Children are given opportunity to make decisions, try things out, test their hypothesis and more importantly feel secure to take risks. We learn by doing and mistakes are inevitable. At The Tinker Yard, mistakes are accepted. We believe that children learn from failures as much as from successes.

“Anyone who has never made a mistake

has never tried anything new.”
Albert Einstein

Click here to read reviews on our programmes. 

We welcome parents, children & educators to visit our studio.  In addition to regular play sessions, the studio is also available for field trips, corporate team-building events, private playdates, parties and professional development workshops for early childhood educators. Please send us an email to arrange for a studio visit date.  We are located at 111A Jalan Kembangan Singapore 419150.

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