About the Study Groups

Focus study groups are offered in Australia, USA, Sweden and New Zealand and will proceed based on participant registration.  Registration for the study groups is accepted up to 6 months prior to the commencement date.

Participants will have the opportunity to see theories being implemented, gain deeper understanding of the emergent curriculum, engage in valuable discussions with global early childhood colleagues and generate fresh ideas that will transform their teaching practice.

The maximum duration for each study group is 3 days, 6 hours per day. Educators may choose to attend either 1, 2 or all 3 days of the study programme.  There would be visits to different early-years settings on each of the 3 days.  A minimum of 8 participants is required for confirmation of the study group. A typical study group day would begin at 9am and end around 4pm.

We will go on school visits each day and engage in dialogue sessions with Centre Leaders. The study groups are led by early childhood practitioners with rich field experiences. 

A welcome reception would be organized for all participants one to two days before the first day of the study group.  The reception would be for around an hour in the evening.  The actual date & time of the welcome reception would be confirmed and notified to participants three months before the commencement of the study group.

Target Audience
  • Early Childhood Educators
  • Centre Leaders
  • Curriculum Planners
  • Trainers and Facilitators
  • Early Childhood Researchers

Programme Goals
  • To inspire & motivate early childhood educators to offer rich, authentic childhood experiences that deepen a child's natural sense of wonder & imagination.
  • To encourage educators to collaborate with their students, families and communities to support child-directed programming and planning.

"It takes a village to raise a child." 
African Proverb

Programme Overview
  • visits to progressive early years centres
  • professional sharing by early childhood community
  • rich dialogue with early childhood colleagues
  • interactive presentations/workshops

Travelling and Accommodation
Participants will make their own travel arrangements from their own home country to the host country, accommodation choice and leisure activities during their stay in the host country.  The participants are responsible for their own travel to the host country and during their leisure time, leisure activities, meals, as well as their accommodation. Please make your accommodation arrangements within the CBD/city.

Further information relating to the study group you registered for would be progressively provided to registered participants by a month before the commencement of the study group.  A Dropbox folder would be created for disseminating of information to all registered participants.  An email containing the link to the Dropbox folder would be sent to you three months before the commencement of your study group.

*Please wait for our confirmation of study group before making air-travel or accommodation arrangements.

Payments, Refunds & Cancellations
Each study group will proceed based on participant registration. Full payment is required upon registration.

No refunds will be given for cancellation of booking by participants unless this space is filled by another person. 

Your payment will be refunded in the event of cancellation of this event by The Learning Caravan Pte Ltd.  

Local Travel Arrangements
The Learning Caravan will arrange for the group to travel together to the host centres. The group leader will meet with the participants at a location in the city area for group travel arrangements.  Mode of transport for the previous study groups had been via public transport such as tram, train or bus. The choice of the type of local transport is dependent on the travel routes to the schools. Some walking may be required so it is advised that educators have appropriate/comfortable footwear for walking.  Alternatively, participants may choose to meet us at the host centres.

Participants need to purchase a local travel card for group travel to the schools.

Participants wishing to hire private transport are free to do so and would need to bear the cost of such hire.

The Learning Caravan Pte Ltd reserves the right to make changes or to cancel the programme due to revised travel schedules, general logistical changes or rescheduled meetings or changes in presenters' schedules.

Indemnity and Insurance
The Learning Caravan Pte Ltd will not be legally liable for any losses, damages, injuries or deaths suffered by anyone resulting from this travel. All participants are advised to have comprehensive travel insurance that should cover medical expenses, repatriation, personal accident and liability, theft and cancellations for the entire travel period. It is participants’ responsibility to ensure that travel insurance companies are provided with information on any pre-existing medical conditions.

• International airfare & domestic airport taxes • Airport transfers • Local transport • Optional activities and entrance fees associated with these • Meals • Accommodation • Photography and camera expenses • Travel visas • Communication & tips • Personal travel insurance

Important Note
Participants need to arrange for their own air-travel to and from the destination country.  Please wait for notification of confirmation of study group before making air-travel arrangements.