Study Tours on the Reggio Emilia Approach | 2017

The Learning Caravan has been organizing international study tours since 2011. Our study tours were well attended by educators from Taiwan, Greece, Norway, USA, UK, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. These study groups are professional learning circles for early childhood educators motivated to gain deeper understanding of the emergent curriculum and the Reggio Emilia approach.

Participants will visit Reggio-inspired early-years programmes, engage in valuable discussions with global early childhood colleagues and generate fresh ideas that will transform their teaching practice.

2017 Dates (click on the respective link to register)

Recent Study Tours
Stockholm, Sweden - June 2016
Perth, Australia - May 2016
Auckland, New Zealand - April 2016
Melbourne, Australia - March 2016

Programme Overview
  • briefing of study tour programme
  • introduction to local early childhood education landscape
  • visits to progressive early years centres
  • presentations on early childhood topics
  • reflective sharing
  • group discussions

Group Leader
The Learning Caravan Pte Ltd will assign a study group leader to take charge of learning activities and school visits. The study group leader will meet you and fellow participants at a city area venue for group travel arrangements to the centres. Registered participants will receive further details before the start of the study tour.

"What I liked about The Learning Caravan? I met with other teachers who worked in Reggio-inspired ways, learnt from what they had accomplished and had the opportunity to reflect with them about the work with children.   We were all inspired and got lots of ideas to new projects to do with the kids.  For instance, last week we built an outdoor kitchen in the kindergarten.  I had also seen that some of the staff reflecting more about how they can work more Reggio principles into their daily work. We learnt how important it is that adults working with the children think about the children's interests.  So I think that our trip to Stockholm and meeting all of you paid off well." - Karen Elise Fjelde, Norway

"Alyna, through The Learning Caravan, has made continual efforts to create new workshops and opportunities for early childhood practitioners to improve ourselves and expand our horizons." - Emily Yeo, Singapore

"The Learning Caravan is a wonderful platform for Early Childhood educators to rediscover themselves and do better for the children they work with!" - Cheryl Ng-Ang, Singapore

Thank you for the workshop! It's always energizing to spend time with other preschool educators and to reflect on teaching practices. The 3 hours flew by, the pace of the workshop was perfect, and I really enjoyed the balance of talk-time and hands-on time. The team activities (building with Popsicle sticks and clothes pins, and setting up a maze) were reflective of the kind of open-ended, collaborative, active learning that good early childhood education aims to provide. I hope that all of the participants in the class made that connection. You did a great job facilitating the workshop and sharing your passion for Reggio-inspired education in a short time. I would happily join another workshop that you lead! - Khanh Pham, Vietnam

"The Learning Caravan promotes/inspires passion in intentional teaching!" - Eve Lee Morreale, USA

Travelling and Accommodation
Participants will make their own travel arrangements from their own home country to the host country, accommodation choice and leisure activities during their stay in the host country. The participants are responsible for their own travel to the host country and during their leisure time, leisure activities, meals, well as their accommodation. Please make accommodation arrangements within the CBD/city.

*Please wait for our confirmation of study group before making air-travel or accommodation arrangements.

Local Travel Arrangements
The Learning Caravan will arrange for the group to travel together to the host centres. The group leader will meet with the participants at a location in the city area. Mode of transport for previous study groups had been via public transport - tram, train or bus. Participants need to purchase a local travel card for group travel to the host centres.

The choice of transport mode is dependent on the travel route to the host centres. Some walking is required. Participants should have comfortable footwear for walking. Alternatively you may choose to meet us at the host centres. Participants wishing to hire private transport are free to do so at their own cost.

Public transport in the countries we visit has been quite reliable, prompt and comfortable.  Schools that we visit are usually within an hour travel, not much more than going by private transport.  

Our study group leader will arrive in the country 2 to 3 days before the start of the learning journey to make preparations for the study tour and recce the host centres.

The study group size is kept quite small and chartering transport would mean that the study tour fee will increase substantially to cover charter costs.  The number of participants each day might also vary and different charges will then ensue thus inviting more questions on the differences in daily rates. It will be unproductive for our team to spend precious time dealing with such matters with each participant. Another reason we go with public transport is that some study group leaders do not hold a driving license or is uncomfortable driving in a different country or state within the same country.

Please contact us if you have any other questions regarding group travel arrangements.

Indemnity and Insurance
The Learning Caravan Pte Ltd will not be legally liable for any losses, damages, injuries or deaths suffered by anyone resulting from this learning journey. All participants are advised to have comprehensive travel insurance that should cover medical expenses, repatriation, personal accident and liability, theft and cancellations for the entire travel period. It is participants’ responsibility to ensure that travel insurance companies are provided with information on any pre-existing medical conditions.

• International airfare & domestic airport taxes • Airport transfers • Local transport • Optional activities and entrance fees associated with these • Meals • Accommodation • Photography and camera expenses • Travel visas • Communication & tips • Personal travel insurance

Payments, Refunds & Cancellations
Each study group will proceed based on participant registration.  Full payment is required upon registration. No refunds will be given for cancellation of booking by participants unless this space is filled by another person.  The Learning Caravan Pte Ltd will refund study tour fees paid (less bank charges) if the company cancels the study tour.

Important Note
Participants need to arrange for their own air-travel to and from the destination country.  Please wait for notification of confirmation of study group before making air-travel arrangements.

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The Learning Caravan Pte Ltd reserves the right to make changes or to cancel the programme due to revised travel schedules, general logistical changes or rescheduled meetings or changes in presenters' schedules.