New Fee Structure for Study Groups

Did you hear about the new changes 

to the fee structure  for the study groups 

in Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, 

Germany and USA?

We have made it even easier 

to attend one of our study groups! 

You can now choose to attend 

up to 3 days of our study group. 

This means that you now could plan 

to join us for any day of the study group 

or come for all 3 days 

depending on your schedule 

or professional development budget.



start from as low as .......

Australia: AUD 250 per person

New Zealand: NZD 250 per person

Sweden: SEK 2378 per person

Germany: EURO 190 per person

USA: USD 254 per person


Check out the new rates and 

start planning for your professional development!

Tasmania 23 - 25 November 2016


Choose to attend one, two 
or all three days of the study programme

Study groups with a focus on the emergent curriculum are available to early childhood educators from around the world.  The study groups are available in Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Germany and USA.  

All participants will travel from their own home country to the host country. You can choose to attend one, two or all three days of the study group and have the flexibility to decide on the length of your stay, accommodation choices and leisure activities.  

The daily study group programme will include: 

Morning: presentation / workshop / dialogue
Noon: lunch break (on participant's own)
Afternoon: school visit / presentation / dialogue

The Learning Caravan Pte Ltd will assign a study group leader to take charge of the learning activities and school visits. The study group leader will meet with you and fellow participants at a city area venue for group travel arrangements to the schools.

Find out more about the study groups here.