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DIY cum Sharing Session: Block Play

We hosted a DIY cum sharing session on block play at a local childcare centre. 

The session facilitated by Alyna Chong was attended by a group of early childhood educators and parents.  Alyna started the session with a brief introduction on block play.  She asked and encouraged the attendees to share personal experiences of block play as a child.

Alyna talked about provocations in the block play area.  One of the educators, Grace Victoria shared that the block play area in her room was visited by primarily boys.  She wondered if there are ways to make the block play area appealing to the children in her classroom. Alyna suggested adding soft fabric, toys such as cars & trucks, animals as well as personal photographs of people familiar to the children to the block play area.

The attendees brought their own wooden blocks and used the acrylic paints provided by The Learning Caravan to decorate the blocks in bright colours.  A couple of attendees were lost for ideas and it was wonderful to see how the other attendees readily helped to make suggestions even though this was the first time they had met one another.

Alyna kept the session going on a steady momentum by sharing anecdotes and information on block play in early childhood and its benefits.  The attendees were encouraged to ask questions and to share their reflections.

By the end of the 90 minute session, the attendees had a variety of brightly coloured blocks in different designs and left with new knowledge and information on block play.

Comments by Attendees

Thank you, Alyna for sharing the joy and benefits of block play. It is quite an enriching experience for me (as a parent) to join a group of preschool teachers - to paint & learn... Best of all, my blocks have a make-over. The children will be thrilled. Please keep me in the loop for forthcoming activities.


It has been an enriching and relaxing session. Duration of the session is just right.


You were right Alyna. The painted blocks attracted more children to the block play area in my room.  The day I passed the blocks to them, some girls kept going to the block play area to build little houses and stuff with them.


I enjoyed the block play sharing session and gained insight and ideas on how I can enhance children's play experiences with blocks.


After the session, I had new insight on block play. Block play is not just about stacking them up and knocking them down. Block play helps to enhance children's imagination, and other holistic development. Painting the blocks helps to enhance children's interest in playing with them and also helps children to be imaginative and creative.


Rather interesting activity. Good activity which includes interaction and verbal communication.


I really enjoyed the session... the painting... the shapes.... the colours! But most of all, I really enjoyed the sharing session and the many ideas that I can't wait to try with the children. The painted blocks are going to bring the children so much joy! Thank you for your time and effort!


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