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Thank you for visiting our page.
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Updates: Introduction to the Reggio Emilia Approach workshop (Singapore)

22nd June 2015
We are excited about this upcoming workshop! Participants from Malaysia and Singapore would be joining fellow early childhood colleagues at this 2-day workshop.

27 June 2015
4 more registrations received.
Total number of participants now stand at 16.

Registration update:
1. Samantha Jui
    2. Suzlynn Jamil
      3. Seet Chia Puay
        4. Patricia Koh
          5. Audrienne Leong
            6. Tarra Tanauan
              7. Cheryl Lyn Uybarreta
                8. Gwendoline Heng
                  9. Hai Hwei Lim
                    10. Chen Yuan Hui
                      11. Tanny Tan
                        12. Wywa Ong
                          13. Ng Mei Ling
                            14. Liyana 
                              15. Audrey Koh
                                16. Cheryl Ng
                                  17. Nur Ashikin Noraini
                                    18. Kathleen Kan
                                      19. Esther Kan
                                        20. Chloe Yap