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The Tinker Yard is getting a new webpage.
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by parents

Sinead Denton, Mother of a 4yo

"I really appreciate the efforts in creating this lovely space for children to explore and discover. Other than messy play, there are many plenty of naturally made/sourced objects for children to create with. Definitely a great break from the usual battery-operated and over stimulating toys! Taking time for self-directed play is so important for young children especially for those living in the city. Looking forward to more time spent at The Tinker Yard!" ~ Valerie Lionnet (Mother of a 2yo)

"There are very little play spaces in Singapore where children are allowed to be themselves, to make some mess and to represent their ideas/thoughts throught different available materials. My 3 year old loves using the open ended and recycled materials to build things and my 7 year old loves doing pretend play, dough play and also inventing anything with loose parts and a glue gun. The only place in town where they can sit engrossed for 4 hours straight and is still reluctant to go home after despite being hungry!" ~ Mariana Silahuddin

"My children enjoy the variety of loose play items available at The Tinker Yard. It takes a bit of self-control on my part not tell them what to do all the time. But it's heartening to know that they are still learning, because they are asking questions and verbalising their predictions and thought-processes. Let's get messy!" ~ Denise Yong (Mother of 4yo, 6yo and 7yo)

"Bringing my boy to join the Sensory Play sessions at Tinker Yard is one of the best decisions I've made. Through the process, I've realized how important it is for our kids to engage in child-directed play and messy play, and how learning naturally takes places in the process.

Alyna has also been very generous with ideas on how we can prepare some of the sensory play materials in our own homes, such as how to make homemade playdough and so on. I also enjoy the chats we've had during the play sessions on the pros/cons of various approaches to educating kids, how to prepare my child for preschool, how to train my child to sleep independently, and so on." ~ Jing Rui (Mother of a 2yo)

"Fun is another name of the Free and Messy play! My 5yo has the freedom to choose what interests her and Alyna, the facilitator easily 'plays' along, drawing out the creativity from my girl. I love the conversations Alyna had with my girl during the play. So much vocabulary words my 5yo picked up during the play. Ok, it's suppose to be fun play with no academic agenda but the play is so meaningful that the child is learning through the play!" ~ Karen Ten (Mother of a 5yo)


by study group participants

"This trip is a good insight to the different pedagogy in Sweden. There are a lot of good takeaways. Eye opener~" -Shahidah Anguilla, Singapore

"It was indeed an enriching learning journey. I learnt and appreciate the art of nature to create learning and fun activities for the children. With the interacting and sharing sessions with all, I learnt to be more reflective and mindful about the creation of the lesson plan." - Madeline Leong, Singapore

"It's a good opportunity to learn from people in different parts of the world. I enjoyed this learning journey and meeting with early childhood educators from different countries and cultures.  I am inspired by every one in the group and teachers in Sweden. Ready to make changes in my setting! Thank you! - Lynn Xu, Singapore.

"Relaxing yet reflective sharing sessions - love it! Inspiring sharing and meaningful exchanges with the hosts in respective centres." - Mandy Goh, Singapore

"Everything! It has been really inspiring, gave me many new ideas which I hope to adapt when I go back to Singapore. My expectations were met beyond what I thought I would experience. The school visits were an eye opener, very refreshing and an awesome learning opportunity for me as an educator." - Nur Adilah Mohamad, Singapore

"What I liked about The Learning Caravan? I met with other teachers who worked in Reggio-inspired ways, learnt from what they ahd accomplished and had the opportunity to reflect with them about the work with children. We were all inspired and got lots of ideas to new projects to do with the kids. For instance, last wee we built an outdoor kitchen in the kindergarten. I had also seen that some of the staff reflectingmore about how they can work more Reggio principles into their daily waor. We learnt how important it is that adults working with the children think about the children's interests. So I think that our trip to Stockholm and meeting all of you paid off well." - Karen Elise Fjelde, Norway

"Good variation and dialogues and visits." - Anita Sivertsen, Norway

"I love being part of this amazing experience. I love our sharing sessions using the coloured hats." - Jagdish Kaur, Malaysia

"The experience we get from the different centres, the sharing sessions, the Thinking Hats (mind-mapping). It was awesome!" - Karen Angus-Eata, Philippines

"Everything. Great teachers, and lots of inspiration." - Camilia Olsen Christensen, Norway

"I like the different visits to different local preschool centres as well as the discussion at the end of each visit. We got to share our thoughts and opinions and gained knowledge from each other, from educators of different cultural backgrounds - Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand,.... very international indeed. A very fruitful study group!" - Ong Wywa, Malaysia

"I like it a lot. Got many good ideas." - Marie Lie, Norway

"I like the choice of kindergartens. All visits and presentations and the entire experience was useful to me. I had a holistic Scandinavian (Norway & Sweden) overview of the early years programmes." - Mariliza Pontikou, Greece


by workshop participants

"An interesting short workshop using materials that are readily available. Teachers are encouraged to think out-of-box in incorporating these materials during lessons."

"A wondeful eye-opener." - Wardah, Singapore

"Thank you Alyna for the workshop! It's always energizing to spend time with other preschool educators and to reflect on teaching practices. The 3 hours flew by, the pace of the workshop was perfect, and I really enjoyed the balance of talk-time and hands-on time. The team activities (building with popsicle sticks and clothes pins, and setting up a maze) were reflective of the open-ended, collaborative, active learning that good early childhood education aims to provide. I hope that all of the participants in the class made that connection. You did a great job facilitating the workshopand sharing your passion for Reggio-inspired education in a short time. I would happily join another workshop you lead!" - Khanh Pham, Vietnam

"The workshop met my expectations. The information shared by fellow participants and presenter was valuable and I enjoyed the small group concept workshop.  I am inspired to start to plan provocation opportunity for my older students such as planning trips that is in-line with my plan to create provocations and to have a systematic documentation process." - Tanny Tan, Malaysia

"Carol Ong is a vibrant and engaging facilitator and educator. The combination to practice and application was engaging. The day was well prepared and Carol clearly has knowledge and expertise in this area." - Dr. Caroline Ellison, Australia

"I appreciate that all the participants had their own perception yet accepted and respected my own view. I learnt new ways to motivate and engage my students." - Jamie Lim, Singapore

"I like it that Carol shared the videos with us and I also like the active interaction we had in the workshop." - Jasline Lou, Singapore

"The workshop was beneficial.  I learnt new and useful skills that I can apply in the classroom & teaching aids.  I felt at ease at the workshop and the ambience  is relaxing.  I look forward to another fulfilling workshop." - Nur Assikin, Singapore 


by the early childhood community

"Alyna, through The Learning Caravan, has made continual efforts to create new workshops and opportunities for early childhood practitioners to improve ourselves and expand our horizons." - Emily Yeo, Singapore

"The Learning Caravan is a wonderful platform for Early Childhood educators to rediscover themselves and do better for the children they work with!" - Cheryl Ng-Ang, Singapore

"The Learning Caravan promotes/ inspires passion in intentional teaching!" - Eve Lee Morreale, USA

"A vision to inspire educators to soar on the wings of our great teachers, and then to equip us to blaze new trails" - Michele See, Singapore

"The Learning Caravan connects me with fellow early childhood enthusiasts, like me, on common grounds like passion for play and naturalism" - Raudha Robu, Singapore

"The Learning Caravan has provided a platform where Early Childhood educators get to learn from best practices of other Early Childhood settings in both local & international context." - Rita Rosetta, Singapore


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