Workshop - Environment, the 3rd Teacher: Curriculum and the Learning Environment (Apr- Jun 2016)


"The environment is the most visible aspect of
the work done in the schools by all the protagonists.
It conveys the message that this is a place
where adults have thought about
the quality and instructive power of space."
- Lella Gandini

Who can attend: Pre-service and In-service teachers

Our mission is to build a community of practice amongst early childhood educators.  We are keeping the fee for each session low at just SGD45.00 to encourage early childhood educators to join us.

These workshops will run from April to June 2016. We will focus on key principles of the environment as the third teacher and unpack what is meant by the idea of the environment as the third teacher.  

Through group sharing and discussion, we will consider how choices that we make about the environment reflects our view of the child and how we can create play spaces that allow children to wonder, explore and discover.

“Look at your learning space with 21st century eyes: 
Does it work for what we know about learning today, 
or just for what we know about learning in the past?”
- Sir Ken Robinson
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